The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

After the engagement party, here comes the gruelling wedding planning. Some people hire expert planners to easily monitor the improvements for the big day. Since not all couples can afford this service, you can relax because there are ways to organise the celebration.

  • Between Needs and Wants – Estimating the budget is the first step to everything. You and your partner should talk about the amount of money you’re willing to render for the wedding. If you haven’t talked about it yet, better create a list of wants and needs. From there, you can cross out products and services you don’t need. Learning to compromise and deciding things together is a practice of good relationship and lasting marriage. This is a test for couples if they can agree and decide as one.
  • Venue – Ask your partner on venue ideas that are appropriate for the weather. You might want to consider an outdoor celebration of a winter but that won’t be practical and comfortable for guests. Weigh the decision to the cost of setup, accessibility for guests and weather.
  • Food –  Put a note on the RSVP cards saying guests can contact you if they are allergic to some foods. This way, you can prepare for a special request on the chef or the caterer.
  • Photography – A wedding without an official photographer is okay but of course, it would be better to have decent photos on your wedding day. Invest on this service to have something to look back years from now.
  • Wedding car – Get formal car hire service to complete the package. This is awesome to document as you get out of an expensive car. Besides, this is a once in a lifetime event, so make sure you enjoy the day.

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