Subic Bay Accommodations for Travellers

Just because Subic Bay is a tourist hub, doesn’t mean all the accommodations here are high-end hotels. There are a lot of Accommodation Subic Bay that can be found in the area and you just need to do a little research to find out where it is located. For starters, you may want to stay in the Freeport Zone, where all the attractions are located. You can find the Ocean and Tree Top Adventure in this area. Some of the budget-friendly accommodations for travellers are the following:


1. Traveller’s Hotel

Subic Bay has a traveller’s hotel that is cheap but totally worth the money. The place has a swimming pool and a restaurant to try all Filipino foods. The standard accommodation costs Php 1,800 for two and you get to enjoy a room with air conditioner, Television, Wi-fi, Cable and basic kitchen appliances.

If you want a safe but cheap place to stay the night, this is the perfect accommodation for you. Everything is provided in the room including free shampoo, free use of towels and more.

2. Subic Residencias

Although this is a 20-minute walk away from the beachfront, the place is incredibly cheap for Php 1,500 for two people. Everything is provided in the room including a hot water, air conditioner, Television, cable and other kitchen appliances. You don’t need to worry about the food because the place has a restaurant on the lobby which serves authentic Filipino meals.

If you want to save money, there are budget canteens in the area, which you can check or buy the fresh seafood in the market. Make sure to complete the reservation online a few weeks or months before the arrival date. The place becomes fully-booked especially during the long weekend, so better book early.

3. Bayfront Hotel

Because of its name, you might be thinking that this place is expensive. The truth is, it is cheap and travellers can enjoy Subic Bay in this accommodation. When you book a room, you have an access to the swimming pool and other amenities. No need to worry about the toiletries because everything is provided.