3 Advantages of Hiring a Mortgage Broker Over a Bank for Your Next Loan

It’s normal to head to the nearest bank when you need to apply for a loan. However, one should also consider reaching out to a mortgage broker first. Here are the reasons why:

Loan Progress

It’s understandable you want updates on your loan, but it may require the service of a mortgage broker to make things easier for you. An experienced mortgage broker will keep in touch with you frequently to update you on the progress. At the beginning, they’ll also give you a timeline of when they expect everything to be finished.

The same can’t be said for a bank as you’ll be the one following up with them. Also, you can only call them during office hours. When you do, you’ll deal with an automation system and it will be a long time before you get directed to the person you wish to talk to.


If you’re looking for someone with outstanding knowledge about all types of loans, talk to a mortgage broker. If you go to a bank, it’s expected they’re not equipped with the proper knowledge needed to assist you with your loan. They’ll even make you wait until the right person is available to assist you.


Ask your mortgage broker how long he/she been in the industry. Most brokers work for themselves and are committed to their clients in the future. The same can’t be said for a bank as employees often get promoted which means their tasks change. This means if you’re talking to one person about your mortgage, you may be talking to a different one in the future.

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